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“I’ve recently been using Omni-Biotic Stress Release. I recommend you check it out and give yourself a stress upgrade.”
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Listen to our episode on Dave’s The Human Upgrade Podcast titled “Probiotics to Power the Gut-Brain Axis”
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Omni-Biotic Stress Release probiotic is recommended by Dave Asprey as the ultimate stress management upgrade on “The Human Upgrade Podcast.”

A balanced gut microbiome (the world of billions of bacteria in our intestines) is essential for health and longevity. Our good gut bacteria influence many critical functions in the body, including digestion, nutrient absorption, the immune system, and brain function.

The gut is often called the “second brain.” The gut and the brain stand in constant communication with one another. Our good gut bacteria play an active role in this communication. For example, our good gut bacteria help produce 95% of our happiness hormone serotonin, as well as short-chain fatty acids like butyrate which are essential for brain function.

Stress kills our good gut bacteria and triggers an inflammatory response in the body. This can result in digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, a weaker immune system, and other acute and chronic disease.

Taking a high-quality probiotic supplement will restore and maintain a healthy gut microbiome, and help you feel and perform your best. This is why wellness thought leader and pioneer of biohacking, Dave Asprey, recommends Omni-Biotic Stress Release probiotic as the ultimate stress management upgrade.

Omni-Biotic Stress Release has shown in clinical studies to improve digestion and the gut flora during stressful times, as well as promote a healthy gut brain-axis.

Dave Asprey’s Experience with Omni-Biotic Stress Release

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What People Are Saying About Omni-Biotic Stress Release

Named Probiotic of the Year

Omni-Biotic Stress Release won “Probiotic of the Year” at the NutraIngredients USA Awards 2021. The judges attributed the win to Omni-Biotic’s science, cutting-edge research and innovative formulation process.

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Omni-Biotic Has a 92 Net Promoter Score (NPS) From Repeat Customers

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For reference, a NPS above 80 is considered world-class.

Omni-Biotic Stress Release

Stress Management Psychobiotic

A probiotic supplement specifically developed to promote the gut-brain axis and body’s resilience in times of stress.
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