The probiotic bacteria that live in our gut microbiome (the world of billions of bacteria in our intestines) are split up into two groups: aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. 

A large portion of these probiotic bacteria consist of anaerobic bacteria, which means that they do not live or grow when oxygen is present. Only a small percentage consists of the aerobic bacteria, which can survive in oxygen and can therefore be manufactured into dietary supplements. Due to their sensitivity to oxygen, the anaerobic bacteria cannot be taken in the form of probiotic supplements. 

Luckily, scientists have come up with a clever way to promote the growth of anaerobic probiotic bacteria, which are incredibly important for our health. This is via prebiotics! 

Prebiotics are specific dietary fibers that serve as the food for certain anaerobic probiotic bacteria. The gist is that, if you can’t supplement certain key, beneficial bacteria, you can make sure that you’re providing everything they need to thrive in your gut by taking a prebiotic supplement.

Just like people, every probiotic bacterium has a favorite food and eating this ensures optimal livelihood. For example, Bacteroidetes particularly like apple pectin, butyrate-forming faecalibacteria prefer fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and special milk sugars such as galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), whereas Akkermansia muciniphila thrive on galacto-olgosaccharides (GOS).

External factors, including taking medications such as antibiotics, high amounts of and prolonged periods of stress, as well as unhealthy eating habits can disrupt the healthy balance of our gut bacteria. This can give rise to gut issues such as gas, bloating, and changes to bowel movements, as well as to longer-term health challenges such as chronic inflammation, leaky gut, eczema and migraines. 

If there is an unhealthy imbalance of bacteria in the gut, a prebiotic supplement can support the growth of anaerobic bacteria in order to restore healthy bacterial balance and diversity. 

Taking a prebiotic supplement is also an effective way to add more fiber to your diet, which supports a healthy gut microbiome and helps to promote regular bowel movements.

All Omni-Logic products meet “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) criteria specified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Omni-Logic prebiotics are developed by Institut AllergoSan “Competence Center for Microbiome Research,” based on over 25 years of gut microbiome research and 100+ clinical studies using our products.

All Omni-Logic products include only ingredients that are known to be safe and effective. Furthermore, all ingredients are regularly tested for purity.

Omni-Logic PLUS: Stir 5 g (5 g = 1 coated measuring spoon) into approx. 6 oz / 200 mL of water / juice and drink at once as this product will gelatinize. The positive effect of glucomannan occurs with a daily intake of 3 g in 3 portions of 1 g in combination with 1-2 glasses of water before meals.

Our tip: We advise to start with 1 or ½ a measuring spoon once per day for three days. Then, gradually increase the daily amount up to the recommended daily dose (1 measuring spoon 3 times per day) over a period of approximately one week.

Take the product with plenty of liquid to ensure safe and easy ingestion, especially for consumers with difficulty swallowing. 

Omni-Logic IMMUNE: Stir 5 g (5 g = 1 coated measuring spoon) into approx. 6 oz / 200 mL of water / juice once daily (no activation time required). Our tip: Start with ½ measuring spoon once a day for 3 days. Then increase to the full daily recommended amount of 1 measuring spoon per day. This allows your good bacteria to multiply appropriately.

This depends on your health status and goals. However, it is best to take Omni-Logic for at least three months. There are powerful health benefits of adding a premium prebiotic to your daily wellness routine.

You likely will feel a positive effect on your digestion in the first few days of taking Omni-Logic. The additional benefits on your overall health and wellbeing should become apparent in the first few weeks.

Yes, Omni-Logic can be taken with other supplements and/or medications.

Omni-Logic IMMUNE is certified vegan, gluten, lactose and soy-free, and made up of Non-GMO ingredients. Omni-Logic PLUS contains a small amount of lactose, which makes it suitable for vegetarians.

All Omni-Logic products are free of gluten, soy, corn, nuts and GMO ingredients. Only Omni-Logic PLUS contains a small amount of lactose (approx. 1.14 grams of lactose). 

Yes, all Omni-Logic prebiotics are safe for use when trying to conceive, during pregnancy, postpartum and while breastfeeding. 

In fact, supporting gut health via prebiotics during pregnancy and the first few months after birth will help support a healthy pregnancy and lay the foundation for the infant’s health.

All Omni-Logic products are safe for children over the age of six (6) years. It is recommended to give children a reduced dosage, starting with a knife tip per day in a large glass of water. For Omni-Logic PLUS, it is important to add sufficient liquid to ensure safe and easy ingestion, because the product can gelatinize.  

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