This depends on your health status and goals. However, it is best to take Omni-Logic for at least three months. There are powerful health benefits of adding a premium prebiotic to your daily wellness routine.

You likely will feel a positive effect on your digestion in the first few days of taking Omni-Logic. The additional benefits on your overall health and wellbeing should become apparent in the first few weeks.

Omni-Logic PLUS: Stir 5 g (5 g = 1 coated measuring spoon) into approx. 6 oz / 200 mL of water / juice and drink at once as this product will gelatinize. The positive effect of glucomannan occurs with a daily intake of 3 g in 3 portions of 1 g in combination with 1-2 glasses of water before meals.

Our tip: We advise to start with 1 or ½ a measuring spoon once per day for three days. Then, gradually increase the daily amount up to the recommended daily dose (1 measuring spoon 3 times per day) over a period of approximately one week.

Take the product with plenty of liquid to ensure safe and easy ingestion, especially for consumers with difficulty swallowing. 

Omni-Logic IMMUNEStir 5 g (5 g = 1 coated measuring spoon) into approx. 6 oz / 200 mL of water / juice once daily (no activation time required). Our tip: Start with ½ measuring spoon once a day for 3 days. Then increase to the full daily recommended amount of 1 measuring spoon per day. This allows your good bacteria to multiply appropriately.

External factors, including taking medications such as antibiotics, high amounts of and prolonged periods of stress, as well as unhealthy eating habits can disrupt the healthy balance of our gut bacteria. This can give rise to gut issues such as gas, bloating, and changes to bowel movements, as well as to longer-term health challenges such as chronic inflammation, leaky gut, eczema and migraines. 

If there is an unhealthy imbalance of bacteria in the gut, a prebiotic supplement can support the growth of anaerobic bacteria in order to restore healthy bacterial balance and diversity. 

Taking a prebiotic supplement is also an effective way to add more fiber to your diet, which supports a healthy gut microbiome and helps to promote regular bowel movements.

All Omni-Biotic probiotics are best taken on an empty stomach. This helps the probiotic bacteria move through the acidic environment of the stomach as quickly as possible, and they reach their destination in the intestines alive and metabolically active.

Yes. Omni-Biotic Balance contains six essential bacteria strains that optimize digestion. The probiotic bacteria included in Omni-Biotic Balance balance the pH in the intestines and increase mucous production, which helps regulate bowel movements in times of occasional constipation. Omni-Biotic Balance also promotes a healthy balance of bacteria and yeast in the gut flora, which helps alleviate bloating and gas.

70 to 80% of the body’s immune cells are located in the intestines. The gastrointestinal tract provides one of the body’s first lines of defense for anything that enters the body via the mouth. Our good gut bacteria play an important role in keeping the gut balanced so that the immune system can work properly.

Certain probiotic bacteria help in the production of immunoglobulins, such as Secretory Immunoglobulin A (SIgA), which is important for immune function.

Furthermore, an imbalance in our gut bacteria can lead to inflammation in the gut and result in leaky gut. As a result, unwanted substance leak from the intestines into the blood stream, triggering an immune response. If this persists, the immune system goes into overdrive, which is associated with chronic inflammation, chronic fatigue, inflammatory conditions throughout the body and the rise of intolerances and allergies.

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