The 10 Most Common Types of Probiotics (and Their Benefits)

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The most common types of probiotics are mainly from the genera Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli. Many well-known probiotics share health effects like boosting immunity and fighting off infections. Some benefits may be specific to certain probiotic species or strains. Probiotics are live microorganisms that have demonstrated health benefits when taken in sufficient amounts. With so many […]

How Do Probiotics for Yeast Infections Work? Can They Help?

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The human gut is not the only place in the body that contains beneficial bacteria. Similar to the gut, the vagina houses its own microbiome. Disruptions to the beneficial bacteria in the vagina can cause yeast infections. Some research has shown that probiotics can replenish this protective bacteria and help fight yeast infections. Vaginal yeast […]

What is the Best Time to Take Probiotics?


Research shows the best time to take a probiotic is first thing in the morning before eating breakfast or before going to sleep at night. Probiotics are most effective when taken on an empty stomach. Taking probiotics at least 30 minutes before a meal will reduce the time it takes for the good bacteria to […]

The Best Probiotics for Women Based On Their Unique Needs

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Benefits of Taking Probiotics for Women The primary benefit of probiotics for women is the support they provide for vaginal health. The gut microbiome and the vaginal microbiome interact with one another, and an imbalance in gut bacteria is often associated with recurring yeast infections and Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Other benefits of probiotics for […]

The Best Probiotics for Men in 2022 According to a Gut Health Expert


The best probiotic for men depends on what matters most to them and their health. The most popular things to look for are probiotics that focus on supporting prostate health, raising testosterone levels, and increasing sperm count. If you’re in a hurry, pick one from our top 3 recommendations below. If you want to do […]

Can You Take Probiotics While Pregnant? What You Need to Know


Yes, you can take probiotics while pregnant or breastfeeding. Taking probiotics while pregnant makes the gut barrier stronger, protecting mothers from bacteria that can cause pregnancy complications. Other benefits include strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of eczema in babies. You’re pregnant and feeling overwhelmed with emotions. Excitement and love for your growing […]

Best Probiotic Supplements of 2022

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The human gut microbiome is home to trillions of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria support many vital processes in the body, including digestive health, nutrient absorption, immune function, cognition, and mood. Factors such as medications, stress, alcohol consumption, and an overly processed diet can disturb the healthy balance of the gut microbiome. These beneficial bacteria […]

The 12 Best Prebiotic and Probiotic Combinations

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Probiotics are bacteria that live in your body and are necessary for healthy living found in the foods we eat and in probiotic supplements. Prebiotics are indigestible fibers found in foods like beans and whole grains that serve as important food sources for the probiotic bacteria living in our intestines.  Certain qualities differentiate prebiotics from […]

Mood, Mind and Microbes: Getting back to basics


Like it or not, you have microorganisms all over your body: On your skin, eyelashes, in your mouth, saliva, bowels and all sorts of other places. Researchers have estimated that the average person has 2-3 times more bacteria than cells in their body. The numbers shake out to be about 2 to 6 pounds of […]

Introduction to the Gut-Brain Axis

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From Busy Philips’ trending Anxiety necklace (2018), Anne Hathaway’s “light it on fire” method, Selena Gomez’s psychiatric hospitalization, and Oprah Winfrey’s “near nervous breakdown,” discussions around mental health have become a conversational cornerstone in our culture.  It’s clear that the battle for our mental health is not over and the need for effective solutions has […]

The 17 Best Probiotics for Women Over 50

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Probiotics are the beneficial microorganisms naturally found throughout the digestive tract. The majority of them live in the small and large intestine, also referred to as the “gut.” Most are bacteria or yeasts, and some permanently live in our gut while others just pass through. To learn more about probiotics in general, check out this […]

13 Best Probiotics for Men in 2022

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Men can benefit from probiotic supplements. Well-designed probiotics support digestive health, limit the physiological impact of stress, and promote the body’s natural metabolic and detox processes. This guide helps to explain the differences between some of the most popular probiotics on the market. You already know probiotic supplements promote optimal digestion and gut health, as […]

The 9 Best Baby Probiotics in 2022 [By Use Case]

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Good bacteria may help babies with certain digestive issues, like colic, gas, and diarrhea. Health benefits go beyond supporting optimal digestion. From supporting your baby’s immune system and reducing the risk of allergies, there are plenty of reasons your little one can benefit from taking a high-quality probiotic supplement. Probiotics tend to be safe for […]

Probiotics for Acid Reflux and GERD

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Specific probiotic strains have been shown in case studies to help with acid reflux and GERD symptoms. Probiotic strains coming from the genera L. gasseri and B. bifidum can help treat GERD and prevent heartburn symptoms due to balancing the microbiome. Can you think of a time when you ate a large meal shortly before […]

How Often Should You Take a Probiotic Supplement?

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Research is still emerging about the gut microbiome, but it is safe to consume sources of probiotics each day. Taking most probiotics once per day can offer many different health benefits, while some probiotic strains have specific dose recommendations. Probiotics are good bacteria that, when taken in adequate amounts, help balance your digestive system, which […]

Can You Take Too Many Probiotics?

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Your body already has over 30 trillion bacteria, so it is very unlikely that you could take too many probiotics, which add more healthy bacteria to your digestive tract. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms found in some foods, like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and sauerkraut, and can also be obtained through supplements. Common strains of probiotics include […]

Why Everyone Needs a Probiotic | Does Everyone Need Them?

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Probiotics have something to offer for nearly everyone. For some, starting a probiotic may be the missing link to finally finding relief from conditions that affect not only the digestive system but also other systems in the body. Who Should Take a Probiotic? Almost anyone can benefit from taking a probiotic. Many lifestyle factors negatively […]

Probiotic Storage: Do All Probiotics Need to be Refrigerated?

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Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in your gut and as supplements. They’re known for fighting inflammation and supporting your overall digestive health. Since they’re living microorganisms, properly storing your probiotic supplement maximizes their shelf life and provides you with the most health benefits. Despite what many believe, not all probiotics need to be refrigerated. Both […]

Probiotics for Gas and Bloating

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If you suffer from painful gas or bloating, you might be able to alleviate your symptoms by taking probiotic supplements. One common cause of this ailment is having an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your digestive tract. Probiotics add beneficial bacteria to your digestive tract, which work in harmony with your body, rather than against […]

Probiotics for Diarrhea

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Probiotics can help prevent and relieve diarrhea that occurs from antibiotic use, infections, traveling, and some underlying medical conditions in children and adults. Studies show that populating the digestive tract with certain probiotic strains can help fight off infections that lead to diarrhea or replenish what may have been lost through illness or use of […]