The Complete Probiotics Handbook: Benefits, Uses, and Everything You Need to Know

Probiotics are live, beneficial bacteria that can provide health benefits when consumed in adequate amounts.

Studies have shown they can help optimize gut health, balance your digestive system, support your immune system, and even promote brain function and mental well-being. At their core, probiotics are intended to support the body’s microbiome and promote gut health, but their potential benefits extend beyond that.

Whether you’re considering taking probiotics or want to learn more about them, this guide is for you. We’ve gathered all of our best articles to give you the information you need to find answers to your questions about probiotics.

Probiotics Topics

We’ve divided our articles on probiotics into 11 different categories. If you’re looking for something specific, you can use the links below to find what you need help with. Or you can scroll through the full list to see all of our articles.

  1. Introduction to Probiotics
  2. Choosing and Using Probiotics
  3. Probiotics and Your Digestive Health
  4. Probiotics and Specific Health Conditions
  5. Probiotics and Women’s Health
  6. Probiotics and Children’s Health
  7. Probiotics and Men’s Health
  8. Probiotics and Aging
  9. The Gut-Brain Axis
  10. Synbiotics: Probiotics and Prebiotics Working Together
  11. Further Reading

Introduction to Probiotics

If you’re just getting started with probiotics, look no further. In the articles below, we’ve covered the most basic questions. You’ll learn what probiotics are, how they work, and their benefits. You’ll also discover how to tell if they’re working and whether you should be taking them.

Choosing and Using Probiotics

Not all probiotic supplements are made equal. There is a vast difference in quality and potency between brands and formulations. Finding the right probiotic for you isn’t as easy as choosing the one that looks best on the shelf.

You can use the guides below to help you select the right probiotic supplement for your health needs, as well as what to look for in a high-quality product. We’ll also walk you through how to best use and store probiotic supplements.

Probiotics and Your Digestive Health

Whether you’re dealing with uncomfortable symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, and bloating or have a condition like irritable bowel syndrome, probiotics will be able to offer relief.

In the articles below, we delve into the research behind how probiotics can help alleviate these specific symptoms. We also examine the ways that probiotics can support overall digestive health.

Probiotics and Specific Health Conditions

Probiotics have been studied for their potential to help with a variety of health issues. If you’re looking for more targeted support, the articles below will help you understand the benefits of probiotics for specific health conditions.

Probiotics and Women’s Health

Many studies have shown the benefits of probiotics for women’s health. The articles below show how these beneficial bacteria help promote optimal gut health, a healthy vaginal microbiome and reproductive tract, support the immune system, and even improve skin health.

We’ve delved into the ways probiotics can help women, including their use during pregnancy and menopause.

Probiotics and Children’s Health

It’s not just adults who can benefit from probiotics. In the articles below, we take a look at how probiotics can help support children’s health.

Probiotics and Men’s Health

Probiotics can also help men feel and function their best. In addition to the usual gut health and digestive upsides of probiotics, men can see benefits like improved prostate health, increased testosterone levels, and more.

Probiotics and Aging

As we age, our digestive system changes, and our immune system becomes weaker. The articles below explain how probiotics can benefit seniors and aging adults by seeding their gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria.

The Gut-Brain Axis

A growing body of research suggests that the gut and brain are deeply connected and communicate with each other all the time. Evidence suggests that the gut can impact our mood and mental health, and vice versa. Here are a few guides that explore the gut-brain axis.

Synbiotics: Probiotics and Prebiotics Working Together

Synbiotics are a combination of probiotics and prebiotics (dietary fibers that serve as the food for our beneficial gut bacteria). Together, they can work to supercharge gut health and overall wellness. Here are our guides describing the interaction between them and the synbiotic effect.

Further Reading

For those who want to dive deeper into probiotics and related topics, we’ve gathered a selection of informative articles covering various areas of interest. These resources offer valuable insights into gut health and probiotics but don’t fit neatly into the previous sections.

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