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Omni-Biotic’s Powder Delivery System Ensures
a High Probiotic Survival Rate

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For a probiotic to effectively support gut health, the good bacteria must arrive in the intestines alive and active. To do so, they must withstand the harsh stomach acids. We ran ten of the top U.S. probiotic brands as well as Omni-Biotic through a GI tract simulator to test how many of their good bacteria make it to the intestines alive and active. With Omni-Biotic, 83% of the good bacteria arrive alive and active in the intestines. In stark contrast, the probiotic survival rate of the other brands is on average only 7%.

Our Probiotics Are Engineered for Survival and Impact

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Award-Winning Probiotics

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Meet Our Probiotic of the Year

Omni-Biotic Stress Release was awarded “Probiotic of the Year” by NutraINgredients USA in 2021. The judges attributed the win to Omni-Biotic’s science, cutting-edge research, and innovative formulation process.

Omni-Biotic probiotics are developed with strict adherence to the most stringent quality and manufacturing guidelines, including:

Given our commitment to quality and probiotic potency, we only use deeply analyzed and metabolically active strains, combined for synergistic activity toward evidence-based, targeted indications. As such, the Omni-Biotic formulation process is guided by a stringent 3-phase approach:

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Every probiotic strain is identified and extensively analyzed to determine its mechanistic strengths and suitability for indication-specific microbiome support.
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The multispecies Omni-Biotic blends are carefully formulated to generate synergistic activity, and each formulation is validated through lab models and controlled human clinical studies.
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Omni-Biotic is tested for gastric survival, intestinal viability, metabolic activity, and extended real time shelf stability. The unique, patented Omni-Biotic powder and bacterial activation ensures maximum effectiveness.

From Research to Testing, to Product Formulation
and Engineering, Omni-Biotic Stands Out

Human Strain Probiotics, Specified To The Strain Level checkcircle
Laboratory Testedcheck
Indication Focused Formulationscheck
Synergistic Functioncheckcircle
Extensively Studied Through Laboratory Analyses And Clinical Trialscheck
Free Of Common Allergens, Non-GMO, Vegan checkcirclecircle
Strain Viability (Gastric Resistance, Metabolic Activity) Verified Through Laboratory Analysischeck
Proven Long Shelf Life checkcircle
No Refrigeration Required checkcirclecircle
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Few To None

*E.g Kombucha, Kefir, Yoghurt, Sauerkraut

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