Focus on the Microbiome
The Gut-Liver Axis

Just the Basics

The gut-liver axis is a network comprised of the gut microbiome, the liver, the circulatory system, and the direct line of communication between the gut and liver: the portal vein. Gut microbes influence the liver by strengthening the gut barrier, eliminating toxins, modulating inflammation, and supporting digestion/metabolism.

RCT Research Highlights

Omni-Biotic Hetox:

  • Increased liver function (cirrhotic patients)
  • Improved HOMA-IR, cholesterol, and inflammatory markers (medication-naive TDM patients)
  • Improved hip:waist ratio, with no other interventions

A Real-World Case Experience

Patient: 51 year old male with history of dyslipidemia and hypothyroidism.

Novel Intervention: Omni-Biotic Hetox, Omni-Logic Plus, 90-day check-in

Healthcare Provider (self-case): Trevor Miller, DC

  • 15 lb weight loss
  • 21% decrease in LDL-P
  • 14% decrease in LD-C
  • 10% decrease in total cholesterol

Expert Insights

A conversation with Vanessa Stadlbauer, MD

Listen as Dr. Stadlbauer describes how gut microbes influence liver function. Highlights include clinical studies demonstrating the ability of a targeted probiotic to positively impact functional markers in liver and metabolic dysfunction.

stadlbauer circle sm
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