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For over 25 years, OMNi-BiOTiC® has been a leading professional probiotic brand in Europe. In 2019, our dedicated team based in New York introduced Omni-Biotic to the United States.

Our targeted Omni-Biotic blends developed for stress, immunity, liver detox, gut restoration and more offer high performance probiotics tailored to specific needs and indications. Grounded in extensive research, testing and controlled clinical studies, we have a deep understanding of probiotic strain significance and how our strains perform synergistically for specific health outcomes, and pair this with a highly effective delivery system.


We believe that a healthy life starts with a healthy gut; that a foundational element of wellness is a healthy digestive system.

Our mission is to help people achieve optimal health by restoring and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. We offer a catalog of premium gut health-promoting products, including Omni-Biotic targeted probiotics and Omni-Logic precision prebiotics.

Every team member is highly committed to this mission as each one has personally experienced the powerful impact of our formulations.

And, in an effort to further serve our community, for every product purchased, we make a donation to Feeding America, the largest hunger relief organization in the U.S.

For every product purchased, we donate a portion to Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief organization in the U.S.
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Team: AllergoSan USA

AllergoSan USA’s founding team members are passionate Omni-Biotic users and in 2019 formed a joint-venture with Institut AllergoSan to bring the products to the U.S.

We recognized the powerful impact of Omni-Biotic’s targeted approach to probiotic supplementation. Given that there are few probiotics available that adhere to the high quality standards of Omni-Biotic, we saw a need for our deeply studied line of specialized probiotics in the U.S. Omni-Biotic are truly potent probiotics that effectively address specific health needs.

AllergoSan USA is well positioned to be the gold standard in probiotic supplements and gut health-promoting products, serving consumers, healthcare practitioners, pharmacies and leading medical facilities.

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Klaus Kleinfeld

CEO, AllergoSan USA
hannah kleinfeld

Hannah Kleinfeld

Chief Operating Officer, AllergoSan USA
lena kleinfeld

Lena Kleinfeld

Director of Communications, AllergoSan USA
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Company: Institut AllergoSan

Institut Allergosan is a global leader in microbiome research and the production of gut health-promoting products. Headquartered in Austria, Institut Allergosan has spent over 25 years conducting research on the gut microbiome with more than 100 clinical studies using Omni-Biotic probiotics.

Omni-Biotic is uniquely developed based on a three-fold approach to delivering probiotic potency, focusing on Significance, Synergy and Survival. Significance is created by identifying and extensively analyzing individual probiotic strains to determine mechanistic strengths and suitability for gastro-intestinal support. Each probiotic formulation is powdered for synergistic activity and validated through lab modules and controlled human clinical studies. All Omni-Biotic products are designed and tested for gastric survival, intestinal viability, metabolic activity, and extended real time shelf stability.

With these stringent development and manufacturing processes along with a commitment to peer reviewed evidence, Omni-Biotic is one of the most trusted and reliable probiotic brands worldwide.

Institut AllergoSan.  Gmeinstraße 13, 8055. Graz, Austria

Anita Frauwallner Headshot

Mag. Anita Frauwallner

FOUNDER & CEO, Institut AllergoSan

Institut Allergosan was founded in 1991 by Anita Frauwallner (Founder & CEO), who, as the previous owner of one of the largest independent pharmacies in Austria, recognized the powerful role the gut plays in promoting whole body health.

Driven by her passion for the microbiome, Anita continues to play a pivotal role in the development of products, research, and education.

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